Thursday, February 23, 2012

Garage Organization Ideas

Getting the garage in order can be a difficult task. Use these tips to get it cleaned out and to keep it from getting so cluttered again.

Clean out old junk. The garage often becomes a place where things go when they do not have a place in the house. But, if you pull out some things, you may realize that you are hanging on to more things than you will ever use. Make some charitable donations or have a garage sale to get rid of the excess.

Organize your belongings into categorized piles. You will often find that you have similar items spread over the entire garage. Make sure that you group things like Christmas decorations, sporting equipment, painting supplies, wood working tools and cleaning items into different areas. You can really narrow down your groupings, because you are going to make a special place for everything.

One rule in getting the garage organized is to keep the floor as clear as possible. You need room to work or park your car. So, you will really need to utilize the walls and possibly even the ceiling for storage space. Clean the floor and make an inventory list of what you own. Make notes as to which items will store in which type of containers, shelves or cabinets.

Some things, like Christmas decorations, should be put into clear or red and green containers so that you know they are for Christmas just by glancing. Make sure that your containers seal to protect them from moisture, pests and dust. Some things may need to be locked away so that they are not stolen or so that children do not have access to them. A locking cabinet is a good idea to have in any garage. Another option is to build large wooden shelves and then add big hinged doors to the front where you can place a lock. Not only will your items be protected from dust and the elements, but the space will look very neat and tidy.

Cabinets are wonderful for keeping things out of sight. You can by pre-fabricated ones that are fairly inexpensive and easy to install. Do not buy deep cabinets unless you specifically have larger items to store in them, or things get pushed to the back where they are difficult to find.

Utilize large hooks, yard tool organizers and loft hangers for items like bikes, rakes and cardboard boxes. Storing flattened boxes on the ceiling keeps bugs out, frees up space and looks nice. Sports equipment organizers hold bats, balls, duffel bags, helmets, cleats and more in one easy area. You may even decide to place a chair or bench next to it so that the family will remember to take equipment from this area and put it back as soon as they are done.

Keep your garage organized by making rules about where things go and following them yourself. Make it easy by labeling or providing obvious areas for things to go. Use a hose reel for storing extra garden hose, a cord reel for extension cords, and tool organizers for tools instead of a tool box. You can use bike, skateboard, ski and boat hooks for recreational equipment. When everything has a place, the clutter will be reduced and it will be much easier to keep organized. 

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