Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Create a Man Cave

Are you one of those men that hungers for a cool garage that defines who you are and still performs all of the functions that you need it to? You are not alone. The garage has gone from a place to store your junk, to a place that distinctively sets you apart from all others. This is the place where you can revel in your individuality, capability and flaunt your manliness, free from the oppressive throw pillows and decorative vases of the house’s interior. Yes, the garage is your domain and you want to make it look better than your friends’ by showing off the manly tools and gadgets that you’ve collected.

The first thing you have to do to make your garage look great is coat the floor. There are vinyl coatings, peel and stick tiles, polyurethatne coatings, epoxy finishes, acrylic latex paints, the list goes on and on. You can even stain patterns on the concrete to make it look like hardwood floors. With any garage floor finish, preparation is key. If you read about peeling, bubbling, tires sticking, things like that, they are most likely because of a lack of floor prep. Treat your garage floor like it is priceless. Don’t rush or skip any steps that will prepare it for the type of coating that you choose.
Next comes storage. You definitely don’t want any attention taken away from your tools or anything that brings you pride. Having adequate and proper storage for the rest of the family’s stuff is a priority. Cabinets are handy for hiding away unsightly Christmas decorations, out of season clothing and other eye-sores that will only detract from your garage’s swagger. Installing a long countertop workbench with big, deep cabinets underneath should give your family enough room to store their stuff. With a little special lighting, all of the attention will be on your adequate work space, not your family’s inability to keep their things out of your garage.

You may need additional cabinets to house the tools that you don’t want to show off. Here you can also store paint supplies, putty, glues, nails, and other things that don’t go with your d├ęcor. Keep things in individual bins that are categorized so that you can find something when you need it.

Additions like bike and boat racks, sports equipment organization stations, stereo with surround sound, ceiling fans, TV’s, a man fridge and lounging areas can make your garage the best your friends have ever seen. Make sure that you display your manliest possessions for all to see and envy. A mitre saw, chain saw, nail gun, air compressor, automatic extension cord reel, and other manly objects of envy should get the job done.
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