Friday, February 24, 2012

Garage Makeover Tips

Having a cramped garage can feel like the walls are coming in on you. Getting it organized may seem like an insurmountable task, but you can do it yourself using these simple tips and tricks.

1) Clear out the dust. Choose a nice day and drag everything out into the driveway. Clean out dirt, webs, trash and sawdust. This may be one of the only times that your garage is completely empty. This can also be a great time to paint if you haven’t in a while. Get everything that is trash and get rid of it.

2) Organize your stuff. Consider getting rid of things that you don’t use. Sometimes neighbors and friends will trade with you, or you can sell things off in a garage sale. Anything that is left can be used as a charitable donation. Separate items into logical piles. This way, you can see what you have and what kind of storage you will need.

3) If you think you have too much, don’t worry. Your garage is not the living room, so utilize space that you don’t normally consider. We’re talking about the ceiling here. Large brackets can hold heavy items like boats, bikes, Christmas decorations and more. The ceiling is often overlooked as a storage option, so open your mind to creative ideas.

4) Purchase or build the shelves, cabinets, tool walls and lockers that you will need. It is a good idea to draw a picture of what you imagine the garage will look like and take measurements before you shop. Pile sports equipment, suitcases, garden equipment and tools into the measured space to be sure they will fit. Leave empty space for unanticipated storage if possible.

5) Install cabinets and shelves. The next step is to protect your items from dust and dirt if possible. Certain items can be stored in clear plastic containers instead of just sitting on a shelf. Make sure that you clearly label containers or shelves where things go. This will help you stay organized once you get organized.

6) A general rule of thumb is to try to keep the floor empty. This may not be totally possible, especially if you have to store your lawnmower, table saw or other large items in the garage. But, trying hard to have everything hung, stored away or placed on a shelf will help your garage stay clutter free.

7) Last, you should treat yourself to new gadgets and tools that get you excited about keeping the garage clean. Planning the new items that you want to buy can motivate you to have a garage sale and trade in old tools and garden equipment for new toys. An automatic cord reel for your extension cord, new air compressor, monster power shop vac and diamond plate counter tops are probably in order here. 

About the Author: Stacy Pessoney is an award winning author and writer of web content for many different web sites. She is well versed in many different areas, including gardening, hose reel, lawn care and landscaping.

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