Sunday, January 22, 2012

Five Options For Green Wall Insulation

Insulation may be on your mind now that the temperatures are dropping. Keeping your home well-insulated isn't only key in preserving your home's climate control, but can also help reduce energy costs by preventing energy leaks. Traditional insulation, however, isn't the most eco-friendly of materials. 

*Cellulose, made of shredded newspapers and fire retardant. Cellulose is applied while damp and, when dry, works just as well as fiberglass.
*Cotton, which is an ideal insulation for floors and walls. Cotton insulation can be made from a variety of materials, including denim and other recycled cotton.
*Sheep's wool, a great natural alternative for insulation. According to This Old House, the sheep wool is fluffed and treated with pest control additives before being applied as insulation.
*Cement, an effective solution and is naturally pest- and mold-resistant. Cement is mixed with water and frothed with air before being applied as insulation. It's also incredibly fire-resistant, which may give you added peace of mind.
*Mineral wool, which is not only fire-resistant, but also sound absorbent. Mineral wool insulation is created from basalt rock and recycled slag.
Do you use eco-friendly insulation in your home? If so, what kind?

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